Thursday, April 9, 2015

Visual Attributed String Version 1.4 Released! What's New? Label Maker™!

Today Visual Attributed String version 1.4 was released on the Mac App Store. What's new? Label Maker™! Label Maker™ is a great new tool built in to Visual Attributed String. Now when you generate attributed string code, you will see a checkbox that says "embed in label" in the user interface, as seen in the screenshot below:

Visual Attributed String Mac App Screenshot of Label Maker.

When you mark the checkbox, you can now have Visual Attributed String generate the code to use the attributed string in a label (hence the name, Label Maker™). Of course, code to create a UILabel will be generated for iOS and for OS X it will generate code for a NSTextField.

More features are coming so stay tuned! If you haven't purchased Visual Attributed String yet you can get it now on the Mac App Store here.

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