Thursday, March 19, 2015

Visual Attributed String Version 1.3 Update Released on the Mac App Store! What's New? You can now adjust the baseline offset of text!

Since the initial release of Visual Attributed String, I have pushed a significant update out every single week. Version 1.1 gave you the ability to generate attributed string code with your own variable names, version 1.2 added the Visual Attributed String Action Extension, and now Version 1.3 adds baseline support! NSBaselineOffsetAttributeName is now officially supported!

This new feature can be handy, especially when you are trying to align text next to an image on the y-axis (as seen in the screenshot below).

Visual Attributed String Mac app screenshot showing text offset from the baseline.

There are more features to come! If you have purchased Visual Attributed String from the Mac App Store and are enjoying the new updates, the best way you can show your support is to leave a review on the Mac App Store.

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