Friday, February 27, 2015

Visual Attributed String Version 1.1 is Coming Soon and will Support Unique Variable Naming!

Visual Attributed String version 1.0 just came out (yesterday) and already I pushed a cool new update up to the Mac App Store. Version 1.1 of Visual Attributed String will allow you to generate attributed string code with your own unique variable names! You can use this feature when you generate code for an entire document or when you generate code for selected portions of text. So when you select a word and generate code for an attributed string you plan to use in a specific label or button, you will be able to give that attributed string variable a unique name that makes sense in your app. You won't have to manually rename the variable to avoid name clashes. Visual Attributed String is here to help, but it's still your code after all!

Visual Attributed String Mac App screenshot showing variable name popover.
Visual Attributed String Mac app screenshot showing generated code in Swift with a unique variable named 'aboutButtonString'

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